Eurovision Voting Patterns:Visualize 40 Years of Data

Every year, critics flood over the voting at the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, it often seems more than a music contest. According to many, it's rather a political display of national alliances.

In a 2006 paper, Derek Gatherer crunched the numbers behind the 2001-2005 editions. Indeed, his data analysis revealed the presence of regional bloc voting patterns. But then other issues arised. What are Eurovision alliances made out of? Is it geographical proximity? Political influences? Immigration patterns? Or other cultural motivations?

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Are Russia's Eurovision Ties Stronger in the Balkans, the Baltics or the Caucasus?

Of the current existing countries, Russia has given the highest amount of votes to Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan..and Greece. 
Votes Received by Each Country in the Eurovision Song Contest (1975 - 2015)
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Points B -> A (% Total Given by B)
Points B -> A (% Total Received by A)
Points A -> B (% Total Received by B)
Points A -> B (% Total Given by A)
Points Given by B to A
Total Points Given by A
Total Points Given by B
Total Points Received by A
Total Points Received by B
Years of Participation of A
Years of Participation of B
Points B -> A
Points A -> B
Points A -> B
Receiving Country (B)
Russia -> Albania3.59%1.01%0.00%0.00%1,1026962,46550419122500Albania
Russia -> Andorra4.02%0.57%0.00%0.00%1,1023482,46501961400Andorra
Russia -> Armenia18.20%3.85%7.07%6.08%1,1025222,465948199956767Armenia
Russia -> Australia17.24%0.41%2.04%0.36%1,102582,4651961911044Australia
Russia -> Austria1.98%1.58%0.65%0.82%1,1021,9722,4651,39419473999Austria
Russia -> Azerbaijan11.85%2.23%6.15%6.53%1,1024642,4651,171198557272Azerbaijan
Russia -> Belarus18.53%5.23%10.24%2.36%1,1026962,46525419121292626Belarus
Russia -> Belgium1.91%1.70%1.96%2.99%1,1022,2042,4651,6851958423333Belgium
Russia -> Bosnia-Herzegovina1.72%0.73%0.48%0.54%1,1021,0442,4651,24219181866Bosnia-Herzegovina
Russia -> Bulgaria6.90%1.46%2.55%0.36%1,1025222,4651571993644Bulgaria
Russia -> Croatia4.84%2.39%1.67%1.54%1,1021,2182,4651,0151921591717Croatia
Russia -> Cyprus4.20%3.16%1.62%1.91%1,1021,8562,4651,2971932782121Cyprus
Russia -> Czech Republic12.50%1.18%0.00%0.00%1,1022322,46501942900Czech Republic
Russia -> Denmark1.77%1.42%1.16%2.45%1,1021,9722,4652,3201943352727Denmark
Russia -> Estonia12.40%6.13%2.80%2.90%1,1021,2182,4651,14319211513232Estonia
Russia -> Finland2.97%2.52%0.68%0.73%1,1022,0882,4651,18519496288Finland
Russia -> France1.64%1.54%1.85%4.36%1,1022,3202,4652,5971959384848France
Russia -> Georgia (Asia)9.27%1.74%7.59%3.63%1,1024642,465527198434040Georgia (Asia)
Russia -> Germany2.93%2.76%1.27%3.09%1,1022,3202,4652,6781959683434Germany
Russia -> Greece3.40%2.80%2.16%5.35%1,1022,0302,4652,7331935695959Greece
Russia -> Hungary5.04%1.54%1.97%1.27%1,1027542,4657111913381414Hungary
Russia -> Iceland2.40%1.58%0.76%0.91%1,1021,6242,4651,3141928391010Iceland
Russia -> Ireland2.39%2.19%0.75%2.00%1,1022,2622,4652,9431949542222Ireland
Russia -> Israel5.36%4.54%1.21%2.45%1,1022,0882,4652,22719381122727Israel
Russia -> Italy1.57%0.81%0.93%1.72%1,1021,2762,4652,0331942201919Italy
Russia -> Latvia13.90%5.23%2.26%1.72%1,1029282,46583919161291919Latvia
Russia -> Lithuania11.21%4.22%5.74%2.36%1,1029282,46545319161042626Lithuania
Russia -> Luxembourg0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%1,1021,1022,4659351938000Luxembourg
Russia -> Macedonia5.52%1.95%1.90%0.64%1,1028702,46536919164877Macedonia
Russia -> Malta3.78%2.31%2.01%2.90%1,1021,5082,4651,5901928573232Malta
Russia -> Moldova14.11%3.65%6.41%3.63%1,1026382,4656241911904040Moldova
Russia -> Monaco0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%1,1024642,4653301924000Monaco
Russia -> Montenegro7.88%1.30%0.00%0.00%1,1024062,465811963200Montenegro
Russia -> Morocco0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%1,102582,4657191000Morocco
Russia -> Norway2.03%1.91%2.17%4.99%1,1022,3202,4652,5361953475555Norway
Russia -> Poland4.02%1.70%1.16%0.54%1,1021,0442,46551619184266Poland
Russia -> Portugal2.04%1.83%0.41%0.36%1,1022,2042,46598119484544Portugal
Russia -> Romania6.80%2.72%3.28%3.54%1,1029862,4651,1881917673939Romania
Russia -> San Marino2.87%0.41%0.00%0.00%1,1023482,465141961000San Marino
Russia -> Serbia9.91%1.87%1.53%1.18%1,1024642,465852198461313Serbia
Russia -> Slovakia2.22%0.37%0.00%0.00%1,1024062,46542197900Slovakia
Russia -> Slovenia5.01%2.47%5.22%2.63%1,1021,2182,4655561921612929Slovenia
Russia -> Spain2.14%2.07%0.96%1.91%1,1022,3782,4652,1771955512121Spain
Russia -> Sweden1.59%1.50%0.95%3.27%1,1022,3202,4653,7741955373636Sweden
Russia -> Switzerland0.42%0.37%0.67%1.09%1,1022,1462,4651,794195791212Switzerland
Russia -> The Netherlands1.44%1.26%0.96%1.54%1,1022,1462,4651,7771957311717The Netherlands
Russia -> Turkey2.18%1.74%0.80%1.45%1,1021,9722,4651,9961934431616Turkey
Russia -> Ukraine14.94%4.22%4.93%7.53%1,1026962,4651,68519121048383Ukraine
Russia -> United Kingdom1.64%1.58%0.99%2.90%1,1022,3782,4653,2211958393232United Kingdom

Who votes for who? Change the filter to see the geographical distribution of the points each country has handed out.

Points Given and Received as Share of Total Points Given and Received

Overall, Russia gave 83 points to Ukraine. These constitute almost 8% of all the points Russia handed out. In return, Ukraine prized Russia with 15% of all its points given. 

After the former Soviet countries of Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan, it's Greece, Norway and France who received the highest shares of Russia's points.

While Ukraine received the highest share of Russia's points, other former USSR countries gave Russia the most of their points. Belarus and Armenia stand out in this regard. These nations awarded Russia with almost a fifth of all the points they ever distributed.

Votes Given by Each Country in the Eurovision Song Contest (1975 - 2015)

Who votes for who? Change the filter to see the geographical distribution of the points each country has handed out.

Israel is a big friend of Western countries

France, Finland, Switzerland and Portugal are the countries that gave most points to Israel. Luxembourg and Monaco both gave to Israel quite a share of all the points they handed out (around 7%). Yet both received a much smaller share of the points Israel attributed.

Geographical Distribution of Votes Received in the Eurovision Song Contest (1975 - 2015)

Who received most votes from who? Change the filter to see the geographical distribution of the points each country has received

Geographical Distribution of Votes Received in the Eurovision Song Contest (1975 - 2015)

Cyprus and Greece: The Strongest Voting Partnership of the Mediterranean

Most of the countries that have exchanged the highest number of points are located in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. An exception is Cyprus and Greece.

In terms of percentage points, Greece gave to Cyprus almost 11% of all its points, and received back 16% of all points Cyprus assigned.

Votes Exchanged Between Countries at the Eurovision Contest (1975 - 2015)

The chart shows only the top relationship for number of points exchanged. Click on "Explore" to see the whole dataset, or the shares of points instead of the absolute numbers. Change the filters to see the points given / received in specific countries

But it's not only a matter of vicinity. For example, Greece gave none or very little points to its other neighbouring countries like Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The chart shows only the bottom 20 relationship for share of points given. Click on "Explore" to see the whole dataset, or click on a variable to sort by it. Change the filter in the following map to see the points given / received in specific countries

Top 20 Countries who Gave more Points than They Received

NOTE: This chart excludes countries who participated less than 5 times. For a correct interpretation, keep in mind also the number of years each country participated in the contest. The chart shows only the top relationship for size of the "Vote Gap" Click on "Explore" to see the whole dataset. Change the filters to see the points given / received in specific countries

Ireland Participated in 20 Editions Less than Germany. But it Won 3.5x More

Countries' Scorecards: Top 10 for Number of Wins

The chart shows only the top relationship for number of wins. Click on "Explore" to see the whole dataset. Change the filters to see the points given / received in specific countries

Who received way more points than they gave? Azerbaijan got 1171 points in 8 years. That's an average of 146 per participation: the highest amount for countries who participated more than twice! Ukraine and Russia follow the rank.

Countries' Scorecards: Top 5 for Number of Voted Received per Year

It seems in fact that Balkan and former Soviet countries are the ones with the highest average of points received per year of participation. This seems to be a clue that there are strong "Eurovision alliances" among these countries, which get a high support whenever they participate in the contest.

Average Votes Received per Year of Participation (1975 - 2015)

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